'Eyewitnesses' book by Jef Blancke & Martha Heesen (text)
nieuw werk Jef BlanckeFebruary 2013

(...) The fruitful cooperation between the Flemish painter and the Dutch writer Martha Heesen resulted in a fascinating graphic novel in which wonderful images illustrate an equally wonderful text.
Boek 'Ooggetuigen' van Jef Blancke
Publishing house 'P'
Price: € 25, -
ISBN: 978-94-91455-17-9

(...) In one canvas after another new actors are coming through. The atelier fills up with dubious characters. With a hangdog look they pose for their painter. All too willingly they take their places for a nice and harmless group portrait. But under the artist's unrelenting eye none of them is able to maintain his or her innocence.

Underneath something is seething, that's for sure. Each face hides a conspiracy, an evil conscience,
a digny past.

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